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Project Management

Project Management


IT project management «can» many – but there is only one Livec!


If you are looking for external support for challenging IT projects in your industry and» google the term «project management, you will find almost 600,000 entries in about 0.16 seconds. Certainly, Livec didn’t invent project management, but it dominates it almost perfectly for Life Science companies. So why look further when you have just found us …? Contact

So we don’t want to sell ourselves here with project banalities such as «we know the project preface» & Co., because that’s what you expect from your partner anyway. We highlight our extensive IT project experience in your industry much more, which gives your project a significant cost/advantage:


  • Livec knows your industry relationships and requirements
  • Livec knows the systems and architectures you use
  • Livec brings her great life science expertise to bear
  • Livec has» the motivation of a «exterior, which boosts quality
  • Livec has» pressure from a «external, increasing job performance
  • Livec also brings knowledge from laboratory management and compliance


Regardless of any sales pressure from possible solutions or products, Livec can advise you competently and with commitment and manage and implement your IT project exclusively in your interest:


  • Project
  • System and supplier evaluation
  • Project management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Quality Management
  • Computer System Validation
  • Interface IT/Business (implementation)
  • Test management of new solutions
  • Application introduction


So if you want to mitigate risk in your IT projects, equip your project with the right technical resources, or simply bridge staffing bottlenecks with at least equivalent external expertise, Livec is your «an industry» partner of the First choice.

Not quite decided yet? Consult our meaningful credentials. Back here again …? Now we look forward to your contact.