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Process optimizations


Process management has many faces – with Livec «shine» them!


There are many reasons why a company wants to optimize its processes or is even forced to:

  • New legal requirements (regulatory) must be met
  • Important information does not arrive or arrives too late
  • Increasing the transparency and controllability of the company
  • Processes are not applied consistently
  • Performance is not measured
  • Customer inquiries are answered incomplete
  • Too few opportunities can be generated from complaints
  • Support operations are not sufficiently documented
  • Documents must be painstakingly searched together
  • Quality of processes is too dependent on the person
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Simplification or acceleration of processes
  • … And where does the shoe press the most?


With extensive and detailed industry knowledge in life science, you get more effective processes that will take your business forward.


Livec knows the best practices and standards and consistently implements them
Whether ITIL (IT Infrastructure and Library), ISO (International Organization of Standards), BPM (Business Process Management), Balanced Scorecard, CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), Requirements Management, Quality Management, GXP, SOX and what they all mean: Know the really useful, recognized standards from numerous successful projects and know in which case which ones are appropriate to achieve your individual goals.