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Livec – fits your requirements for laboratory management


Like any company, your No. 1 priority is to increase your ROI (Return on Investment, the cost/benefit ratio of your laboratory operations).
Therefore, you – quite rightly – expect a state-of-the-art laboratory management system that is integrated, standardized, comprehensive and efficient.
Laboratory management solutions from Livec have everything you need:

High level of integration
Open interfaces allow you to integrate your measuring instruments and other IT/database systems quickly and seamlessly into the laboratory management solution.

Focus your energies! Optimized and IT-based standard processes free up more resources, allowing you to concentrate on your laboratory’s core tasks.

Comprehensive solution
We’ve thought of everything – management cockpit, alerts, reporting, web interface, document management and much more. And everything is available at the touch of a button!

Greater efficiency
Regardless of whether you want to increase your laboratory’s capacity and performance or maintain them at the same level while cutting costs, the flexible architecture of Livec solutions is equipped for all future challenges.