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… And suddenly compliance becomes a joy: Livec!


Is compliance (sometimes) a «red cloth»? At Livec you will find your competent, experienced specialist who will make your compliance project a pleasure! Fulfilling legal (regulatory) regulations, contributing the knowledge required for this, developing and implementing rules and processes, perhaps even assisting you with a lot of experience in overcoming internal resistance: this and much more offers you Livec.The Benefits of a compliance project with Livec are unique in the industry and stand out from market leaders:


  • The biggest customer experience regarding practical implementation, see references
  • Deep know-how on regulatory and legal norms, see Regulative
  • Designed specifically for SMEs, efficient project methodology
  • Across experience and knowledge from lab management, project management and process optimization to the benefit of your compliance project
  • Goals and costs under control thanks to Livec’s pharmaceutical expertise


The consultants at Livec are «people of yours»: In your industry with the specific problems, we know our best, because we come from your field of expertise ourselves. In addition, as «external» we prevent potential «overdoing» of our own interest and thus optimize your project costs.

The benefits of successful compliance projects speak for themselves and are therefore obvious:


  • Compliance with legal (regulatory) regulations and standards
  • Full documentation ready for authorisation
  • Increase system quality and security
  • Positive internal implementation of processes and rules
  • Increasing internal compliance know-how
  • Ensuring impeccable audit results

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